Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab S [Sponsored by Samsung Asia]

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My mom has got a new found love for Samsung products ever since she saw the photos taken with her friend's Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE (which also happens to be my phone) and Samsung GALAXY Tab S. They've been bringing her friend's GALAXY Tab S (less likely to fall into the pool since it's bigger than a phone) into the MBS infinity pool during their girly staycations to take photos, and she has been raving about Samsung ever since. So naturally, my mom was THRILLED when she found out that I was getting a Samsung GALAXY Tab S.

I got the GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE in Titanium Bronze because it's compact and easy to carry around ($698 for LTE, $598 for Wi-Fi®). My mom even wanted to exchange her current tablet (which I bought for her) for my GALAXY Tab S?! I told her that I wanted to use it, but I'd add an account for her in the tablet so that she can play with it whenever she wanted to. I love this because you are able to share the tablet while keeping your documents and data private. There's also a thumbprint recognition feature, so I had KC's and my own thumbprint registered for my account, and my mom's thumbprint registered for hers. The Samsung GALAXY Tab S allows up to 8 accounts and recognises up to 3 thumbprints for each account.

Another amazing feature on this phone is the Super AMOLED display. It is out of this world! The graphics are so clear, I just had to transfer all my holiday photos over from my computer because it looks much better on my Samsung GALAXY Tab S. Users can also opt for Adaptive Display, which helps adjust the brightness of the tablet according to your surroundings. If you're not a fan of the Super AMOLED display (though I cannot understand why anyone would not be?!), there are other display settings available. Though crystal-clear, the Super AMOLED display is not glaring at all, so it is comfortable for reading. In fact, I'm drafting this post on my GALAXY Tab S right now while waiting for KC at the dentist (I literally bring it everywhere because it is so light!). And since the waiting time was a tad longer than I expected, I was able to use the GALAXY Tab S for hours without draining much of its battery life! (It can last up to 10 hours)

The coolest feature – also my favourite one, would have to be the SideSync 3.0. Perfect for when I'm charging my GALAXY S4 With LTE in my room while using my GALAXY Tab S in the living room.

SideSync 3.0 mirrors my phone onto my tablet so that I can know if someone sends me a text/Whatsapp/Telegram (I like replying texts promptly), or when someone is calling me (my phone is always on silent/vibrate). Newer models like the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE OR GALAXY Note 3 With LTE, support call receiving on the Samsung GALAXY Tab S. That means, you can answer your call via your tablet! 

Copying files is also a breeze. All you have to do is just drag and drop! 

My new baby has become my trusty companion that follows me everywhere because it's so slim and light, and I'm always kept occupied for when I'm early for appointments (which is, most of the time heh).

The Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) ($948 for LTE, $848 for Wi-Fi®) is just as gorgeous. It is more suited for those who enjoy watching TV shows or movies on-the-go because of its huge screen and of course, the Super AMOLED display. Both sizes come in Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze. Samsung will throw in a free Samsung Book Cover worth $78 (8.4") and $98 (10.5") with every purchase of the GALAXY Tab S (promotion lasts while stocks last).  

For more details on the Samsung GALAXY Tab S, please visit http://www.samsung.com/sg/galaxytabs/

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